June 18, 2013

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (The Edge of Never #1)

  • Title: The Edge of Never
  • Author: J.A. Redmerski
  • My Rating: 5/5 Stars
  • Format: Ebook
I first heard of The Edge of Never when I was just browsing around on GoodReads. The cover didn't really draw me to the book, but I do like it. I read the synopsis of this book and I thought it sounded like it would be a really fun read. I also looked through some of the reviews and the majority of them said great things about this book so that was a plus.
The Edge of Never is about a 21-year-old girl named Camryn. One day, Camryn decides that she is going to hop on a bus and go wherever it takes her. While she's on that bus, she meets a guy named Andrew. Andrew is someone who lives in the moment and he doesn't really care what everyone else thinks about him. When Camryn and Andrew become friends, he teaches her to live in the moment and say what's on her mind, no matter what it is. Camryn and Andrew have feelings for each other, but they hide their feelings because they don't want to feel vulnerable.
The Edge of Never is the type of book that sucks you in and you never want to put it down. I loved reading from both Camryn and Andrew's POVs. Being able to understand what both of them were thinking and feeling really brought the book together for me. Also, the banter between them had me cracking up.
This book will make you feel so many emotions you won't know what to do with yourself. One minute you'll be laughing so hard, then you'll be crying, then you'll be angry with one of the characters.
Speaking of the characters, I thought they were all wonderful. Camryn and Andrew were well developed and I love how they started really becoming their true selves as the story progressed. The other characters, such as Camryn's best friend Natalie and Andrew's family, were great too. Although sometimes they made me mad, I still liked their personalities and how they were all so different from each other.
I gave The Edge of Never 5/5 stars because it was a really fun, exciting page turner. I loved this book from start to finish. I only put it down when I absolutely had to. I had never really read a story about a road trip before and I think that little aspect appealed to me. This book was extremely entertaining to me and it definitely kept me wanting more.
Favorite quote: "I hate to say it, but sh*t really does happen. You just have to get over it. Beat the hell out of it by doing things that make you happy."
Do I recommend this book? Yes! It's such a great book! If you think you might like it, chances are you probably will. You should definitely give it a chance!

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